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2010-01-18 05:47 pm

Friends only!

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2009-11-03 03:29 pm

And the silence will set her free...

Hello all!  I just bought the new Mayday Parade CD and I have opinions I want to share with all of you. 
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2009-06-06 09:27 pm


Helloooo! This is my first post here on dreamwidth. I refuse to abbreviate it to "DW" because I keep confusing it with Doctor Who. Now I've got something to tell everyone that is going to make, most of, the people on dreamwidth (still not DW) dislike me. I am a Twilight fan. I needed to say that, just in case no one has read my username. But, I agree with (almost) everything that everyone that hates Twilight has been saying.

1. The book is poorly written and full of useless information.
2. Vampires should NOT sparkle.
3. Bella is probably the least heroic heroine in any book ever written.
4. Edward is incredibly stalker-ish.
5. I wish Bella had died at the end of the first book.
The only character in the book I don't have any problem with is Jasper. Bella and Edward are stupid, Emmett doesn't do anything important and neither does Esme, Carlisle is just too nice, Jacob is too in love with Bella and Edward's freaky vampire spawn, Rosalie is just a bit too... baby-obsessed, and Alice is a really, really shitty psychic. And, now that I'm done rambling, I'm going to end this post!


(P.S. Who knows what recumbent means? I just put it as my mood because it looked happy!)